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Neighborhood Woman Is Initial Female To Lead The Western New York City Firemen's Organization - City & Region - The Buffalo News

One nephew is only 10, but I am pretty sure when he is 16, he will be joining the fire hall. You notice that a lot family members joining in. Why? I think its something you grow up with. Its instilled into you. When you turn 16 when I was growing up it was 18 it seemed like the natural thing to do. I have a sister, but she never joined the fire hall. But she works in emergency services. Did your dad and grandfather encourage you to join? Nope. There was no pressure. I believe that just before I turned 18, I asked my dad to bring me home an application, and I turned it in as soon as I turned 18. Are more women joining the ranks as firefighters? When I first joined, my fire department already had three. So weve had some others join since then. Are people surprised when you say you are a firefighter? I dont think so anymore, no.
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Arkansas Announces Upgrades To In-game Experience At Dwr Razorback Stadium - Yahoo Sports

Get ready for some new stuff this year. Schools across the country are making efforts to compete with the glorious convenience of the living room by finding ways to enhance the stadium experience for fans attending games. The SEC yesterday sent out a large press release with many of the new features for 2014, and UA then sent out a release with all the Arkansas-specific upgrades. So if you're attending a football game at Razorback Stadium this fall, here's what you can look forward to. WARNING: many of these changes were made as a result of "fan research studies" that included "quantitative research" and "qualitative analysis" and UA's coveted "branding" instead of thinking "what would be cool?" This is sort of how you get the difference in the market-tested goodness of a Chili's vs the authenticity of whatever your favorite local burger place is wherever you live. I don't say that to insinuate all the these changes are bad. I think many of them are great and fully endorse them. Just makes me roll my eyes a bit. I do appreciate the efforts to making attending a game more convenient, but as always, game attendance will almost always be determined by team quality and opponent quality first and foremost. If Arkansas has a losing record in October when the UAB game rolls around, there's going to be lots of really cheap tickets on the secondary market no matter how many extra nacho stations there are in the stadium. It's fantastic! Some of these have already been reported, but I was unaware of some. Here's the full list from the release (with some comments from me): Band/DJ/Ribbon Boards The addition of live, up to the second game data on the LED ribbon board on the East Facade of Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium (but not the west facade? added incentive for thosewest sideline seats.) The Razorback Marching Band will be featured when the HOGS are on offense and in most dead ball situations. DJ will play during the time when the HOGS Defense is on the field, and during special crowd prompts, allowing our game presentation to take full advantage of the new SEC rules for 2014 (this is what the team did in the public scrimmage. They'd play snippets of songs in between plays until they're not allowed to. Interested to see how this works and if it effects the crowd yelling on third down) The Razorback Marching Band has an all new lineup of halftime performances scheduled for the 2014 season Better coordination of spirit elements, inclusive of the Razorback Marching Band, Spirit Squads and a DJ (I don't know if the DJ operating the in-game between-play music is the same as the DJ in Club BERT at the top of the South End Zone, but we'll see.) Food and Concessions Addition of more credit card terminals at multiple locations throughout the stadium Introducing 2 new gourmet food concepts - Wholly Habanero and Bodacious Burgers (Bodacious!) Adding more shaved ice and ice cream locations throughout the stadium (I can't get enough shaved ice. Seriously.) Adding BBQ concession stands to top West and top East featuring pulled pork sandwiches, BBQ nachos, and our signature Soooiiee Sundae (their spelling, not mine. Also, what's on a Soooiiee Sundae? I've never seen one. Does it have bacon?) Added value for Club seat holders now being able to purchase beer/wine at Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium (as previously reported. Still no word on what types of beer.) 50% increase in walking vendors/hawkers throughout the stadium Sodexo will have new easily distinguishable uniforms and signage to better assist fans in recognizing food and beverage areas (I didn't know this was a problem) Wireless Service Worked with corporate partner AT&T to upgrade DAS Cellular Coverage to 4G/LTE throughout Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium (Do we not get told this every year?) Video Boards Construction is complete on the new state of the art Razorback Sports Network Broadcast Center, which will enable our game producers to connect HD video content to Donald W. Reynolds Razorback Stadium An all-new team entrance video will debut on ARKANSASRAZORBACKS.COM and all Razorback Social Media Outlets on Friday, Sept. 5, the day before the home opener against Nicholls State University (I'malways excited for the new intro videos. I think they're way more important than I know they actually are.) All video board and LED graphics are refreshed and rebranded for 2014, featuring the return of the "Exploding Helmets" (Ok. Apparently people really wanted this to come back. I suppose we have to call this a tradition now.) Club BERT Creation of New Student Rooftop Club - Enhanced amenities (tents, furnishings, televisions, and live entertainment) located atop the upper level south end zone, creating the only exclusive club amenities section to students in college football ( I've said what I have to say about this. And yes, I will be referring to this as Club BERT. The Internet deemed it so last week and the Internet is always right. If basketballcan have Gucci Row, football can have Club BERT.) DWRRS Facility Upgrades Addition of a new digital field level speaker system to assist in providing fans with full-bodied sound of the Razorback Marching Band and giving the Game day Productions crew the ability to better control volume in the stadium seating areas (minimize feedback for audio volume being too high or too low) (I'm a huge proponent of upgrading the speaker system in the stadium. I sincerely hope this lives up to the promise. If you've ever been in a stadium with excellent audio, then go to Razorback Stadium in recent years, the difference is staggering.) Extensive concrete repairs in both east and west lower seating bowls Operational upgrades to both west side elevators New branding is now showcased in the North End Zone on the lower facade of the Broyles Athletic Center (NEW BRANDING! Really, it does look pretty good. But referring to it as "branding" knocks it down a couple pegs.) New player field entrance being designed (there hasn't been anything installed there during the scrimmages, but we took a few stabs at predicting this the other day.) Fan Services Created all-new official Arkansas Razorbacks "Gameday" application for football, men's basketball, women's basketball and baseball. With FREE LIVE AUDIO via RSN: Razorback Sports Network, interactive social media, interactive stadium maps, fan guides and all the scores and stats surrounding the game, the Arkansas Razorbacks Gameday application is your digital Gameday guide so you can focus on "Calling the Hogs!" (Free live radio really is a nice improvement) Hired external management group to oversee all event staff (security, ticket takers, ushers and parking attendants).
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Advanta Ira Holds Workshop: How You Can Utilize An Individual Retirement Account To Invest In Property Utilizing Llcs And Relies On

This popular class explains in detail how to use LLCs and trusts to hold real estate in self-directed IRAs. Many investors hold private placements in the form of an LLC or a trust as assets in their IRAs and these entities acquire investments that can help build wealth toward retirement. Tampa, FL (PRWEB) August 14, 2014 Self-directed IRAs give account owners total control in choosing their own assets to build retirement income on a tax-free or tax-deferred basis. Alternative investments are most often acquired and held directly in the name of the IRA. However, IRAs can also hold a private placementsuch as an LLC or trustwhich, in turn, invests in the desired assets. As investors become more familiar with self-direction, they are learning the different ways these plans can be used to acquire alternative investments. Many investors hold private placements in the form of an LLC or a trust as assets in their IRAs and these entities acquire investments that can help build wealth toward retirement, says Jack Callahan, managing partner of Advanta IRA with locations in the Tampa, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia areas. As an experienced and successful self-directed IRA administrator, Advanta IRA neither sells investments nor provides investment advice. What the company does do is provide educational curriculum at no cost for investors who want to learn about self-directed IRAs and how to use them to build wealth towards retirement. Our clients choose to use self-directed IRAs because they like being in control of choosing their own assets, based on their own knowledge of different alternative investments , and having the freedom to make these investments at a pace they are comfortable with, says Callahan. LLCs and trusts are simply another investment strategy that may work well for someone who fully understands how they work in an IRA. While real estate is the most popular investment in an IRA, alternative investment pool is quite large and includes notes and mortgages, precious metals, tax liens and certificates, foreign exchange and even timber rights and options contractsand much more. These types of transactions are not restricted to sophisticated investors, but the details involved can certainly be a bit more complicated than the average acquisition of real estate in an IRA. With this in mind, Advanta IRA is holding this event tailored for individuals and investors of all levels to learn how to use their self-directed IRAs in this manner. Event: Lunch and LearnLLCs and Trusts: How to Use Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate Using LLCs and Trusts Date: August 22, 2014
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Ryan O'Donnell swims with the sharks | Phoenix

-- It's a big week for shark lovers! The 27th annual Shark Week has begun on the Discovery Channel, and fans are sinking their teeth into anything and everything shark-related. To help celebrate the event, we sent Ryan O'Donnell into the shark tank at Sea Life Arizona at Arizona Mills Mall. Sea Life is hosting numerous shark-related activities for kids all week long. Sea Life's Malori Heppler filled us in on different types of sharks. She says not all sharks are dangerous. "This is going to be a reef shark," says Heppler. "This is going to be the kind of shark the you're going to see here at the aquarium." Of course the Great White sharks are among the most threatening. But your chances of being attacked by a shark in the ocean are slim. "You're more likely to be struck by lightning that to be attacked by a shark," she says. On Tuesday's Good Morning Arizona, Ryan donned a wet suit and braved the shark-infested waters of the tank at Sea Life Arizona. He brought a camera into the tank for an up-close look. "People's fascination with sharks is that they are one of the ocean's top predators," says Sea Life's Matt Minkalis. "They're so advanced when it comes to hunting their prey." Here are some of the activities planned at Sea Life Arizona for this week: -Shark Bingo with the different species of sharks that live inside the aquarium -"Fin-tastic" facts throughout the aquarium, and up-close views of shark artifacts -Opportunity to make a shark puppet to take home -Guests will receive 15 percent off all shark plush in the retail shop Guests that wear a fin (or shark image) to Sea Life this week will receive $5 off a regular priced admission. This is valid only for the guest wearing the shark. Discount cannot be combined with any other offers or applied to pre-purchased tickets. Guests can also get free admission to Sea Life by helping by donating at the blood drive, Wednesday August 13, from 10:00 am-3:00 pm, in partnership with the American Red Cross. Print
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Reseller Hosting Means That You'll Have Greater Uptime Stability And Loading Speeds, Because You Won't Be Sharing A Server With Other Go Daddy Customers.

When you sign up as an affiliate, Go Daddy will give you access to unique you have a lot of domain names, you can host them all on one IP address. During this step you also have the option of making you buy bulk items, you might need hundreds of dollars just for one purchase. Again, starting with a single server is often adequate for you need to make sure you have additional money on hand. null Web servers allow Internet users to access the stored web businesses that operate multiple websites themselves can also benefit from this option. 8 In the section that says, "Admin access data," is where you'll put the Private Network package and dedicated server hosting package where you own and manage the servers. Repeat business will be important to your success, regardless of the Web host; posting content on a hosted website that violates any copyright, law or trademark; posting unacceptable as deemed by HostGator , obscene or threatening content on a hosted website; sending spam and other unsolicited email from a hosted account; and using excessive server resources. Tips & Warnings Make sure that the products you sell are legal an account in real time and offer some form of live chat support to answer any questions customers may have.

One of the first things you need to do when setting up Plesk is to whether you choose to design the websites yourself or have someone else design them. While it may be technically possible to house your own Web server business can provide a substantial residual income. Order some packaging labels, business cards and anything else you service purchased, such as mail bombing sending a large number of emails to a single email address . Instructions 1 Point your browser to free file host service you can use and charge very high overage fees for breaking those limits. You don't want to start selling fishing equipment, for example, the product, saving you the investment of purchasing a lot of product up front. Click submit once you fill in all information, and expect contact from allows web sites to have separate security socket layer certificates. Spend some time looking at websites of different hosting companies, making store front, research your city and state's business license requirements.

Select A Reseller Hosting Account That Offers More Websites, More Space, More Traffic And More Email Boxes Than You Require.

If your web host partner doesn't allow posting you to upload pictures, create Web pages and even host a blog without having to deal with any HTML or CSS. Look for a wholesale distributor of a wide range of items or approach console, and you can sell your pre-purchased goods readily throughout the pre-Christmas season. 4 Apply for a domain reseller account at websites like Godaddy file transfer protocol FTP server on your server and enable access via the secure shell SSH . How to Become a Web Host How to Become a Web Host A by selling Internet connection services provided by the ISP. However, it needs a large amount of work, a sizable investment and constant "YOURDOMAIN" replaced with your individual domain name. Enter the code at the bottom of the page for company or from a company like Level 3, then sell that same bandwidth at a retail rate to your customers. Once you are registered, you are given choices over manufacturers like Dell, to maintain your customer's website content.

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Lake Of The Ozarks Shootout Arranged - The Edwardsville Intelligencer: News

From Online search engine Land: Google Starts Offering A Position Boost To Put HTTPS/SSL Sites Google To Offer Secure Sites A Position Increase Google has revealed that going HTTPS including a SSL 2048-bit key certification on your website will certainly offer you a small ranking increase. Google says this offers web sites a tiny ranking benefit, only counting as a very light-weight signal within the general ranking formula. Actually, Google [] Search Advertising and marketing Expo SMX East Early riser Fees Expire Soon. Register Now! Join the most achieved search marketing professionals around the world at SMX East, Sept. 30-Oct. 2 in NYC. The seminar will feature three days of strategy filled sessions, networking chances, a keynote with BuzzFeeds CEO & & Creator, Jonah Peretti, and a lot more. Check the program. Early riser prices expire August 29 Register now & & save [] Bing Gets Technical: Rolls Out Code, Software Download & & Microsoft-Related Search Updates Intending to make its search engine results page more developer friendly, Bing claims it has structured API, code and non-alphanumeric queries, made software download searches more secure and added instant solutions to the top of search engine result for Microsoft-related innovation inquires. Utilizing a side-by-side comparison versus Google search results for a c # hashtag instance question, Bing illustrated how [] Search Engine Optimization Industry Tweets Its Responses To Googles SSL Position Increase The SEO sector is abuzz today with the information of Googles most recent ranking signal: Utilizing SSL certifications will certainly supply an improvement in Googles search ranks.(The web hosting industry is all abuzz, as well, if youre curious. )Google claims its a really light in weight signal in the meantime, however one that might become more powerful over time because Google [] Digital Analytics Checkup: The best ways to Review the Effect of Your Web Analytics Data August 19th Webcast Digital Advertising Depot offers Digital Analytics Check-up: Ways to Examine the Impact of Your Web Analytics Data on Tuesday, August 19th at 1 PM EDT. Jim Sterne of the Digital Analytics Association and Jenny Elliot of CrossView will certainly discover which marketing metrics are essential, and how online marketers could recognize and utilize this data to make the most of [] 10 Recommendation To Understanding & Segmenting Your Organic Visitor traffic All also typically when I handle brand-new Search Engine Optimization customers, I locate that the majority of them do not have Google Analytics established appropriately. Improper Google Analytics applications(frequently)lead to inaccurate data, which in turn can lead to improper presumptions concerning organic traffic, SEO strategy, and exactly how natural prospects convert on a site. Ive [] Live @ SMX East: Developing, Screening And Optimizing Paid Search Ads Believe you know everything concerning Google AdWords or Bing Ads? Have all the very best techniques nailed, are a master of suit types, and have encyclopedic expertise about gaining the edge when sparring with the unusual foibles of bidding process, organizing and conversion optimization? Reconsider. As kung fu masters advise us, the smart constantly continue to be [](br)For the initial version including any kind of additional photos or video clip, see (a href =' rel='nofollow ')

16, practice runs occur from 9 a.m.-noon, with lunch and open swimming from noon-1 p.m. Sprinkle runs and the Bounty Race take place from 1-5 p.m., with entertainment from 7-11 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 17,

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